Wivenhoe Sailing Club, The Old Hard, The Quay, Wivenhoe.

 The land is owned by Colchester Borough Council who lease it to Wivenhoe Sailing Club. Our first lease was granted by the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Colchester on 9th October, 1936. WSC has leased this land continuously from 1936 until the current date. The most recent lease (dated April 2016) gives Wivenhoe Sailing Club rights to use the slipway (and moorings) until June 2035. 

Prior to Wivenhoe Sailing Club involvement, there was an oysterman's premises on the site (as shown by this photograph on the Wivenhoe Heritage web site). When the club took over the premises, there were the foundations of the oyster shed, and the compound was fenced and gated. The old photograph of the opening ceremony on display in the WSC clubhouse confirms this. When the original Licence was granted the club erected a sectional building (formerly a chicken shed, so it is said) on the old foundations. Since then the Club has sought to maintain the Hard, Hut and Fences in a sound condition, and of course it pays the rates, utility bills and insurance premiums. Our insurance policy covers use by club members, but not for use by the public.

 Our current lease gives the club the exclusive right to use and manage the slipway and holds the club entirely responsible for any liabilities which might arise from any use of the hard. The lease also places an obligation on the club to “not unreasonably withhold” permission for “other community organisations” to use the slipway. Currently this includes the the Ferry Trust & Town Regatta Association. These organisations use the facility without charge. In 2014, Wivenhoe Sailing Club entered into a Group Membership agreement with Wivenhoe Canoe & Kayak Club to use the hard in return for sharing the work and costs of running the facility

If someone wants to launch regularly, or store a boat, we think it is right and proper they should apply for WSC club membership. The club has always tried to keep subscriptions at an affordable level, and encourages local membership.

 When approached by members of the public who wish to use the facilities, club members should explain the position, and help them to contact the club secretary or any officer of the club. If there is any difficulty about any of the above, club members should let a club Officer or General Committee member know as soon as possible so that we may deal with it as quickly as possible and avoid any misunderstandings.

Hon Secretary, WSC.
April 2016