Valentine Disco

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Commodore's Message.

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The last dinghy race of the Winter Series is imminent, the cruisers are safely ashore or tucked up on the pontoon and the calendar year is nearing its end. Wivenhoe Sailing Club was established in 1925 so next year will be our 93rd year, quite a long time for anything to last, especially nowadays where everything is here today and gone tomorrow, or maybe it just seems like because I’m getting old. The club year begins and ends with the AGM in March, when the committee reports to the rest of club members, and the flag officers and committee members are elected for the following year. It is looking as though we will have quite a few vacant posts on the committee to fill at the next AGM. As with most things in the club the committee members and flag officers are unpaid volunteers. At times being  on the committee can be a bit thankless task, but mostly its not too bad and sometimes its fun, but someone has to do it otherwise the club will cease to function.

On The evening of February 2nd the current committee will give a short presentation to inform those members who don’t already know how the club is run and what being a member of the committee involves. If anyone thinks that they can help out in any way with the running of the club please come along on February 2nd. If you can’t make it on the 2nd February but would still like to help with running the club speak to me or another member of the committee. I seem to say this quite a lot but, YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOUR HELP.

On a lighter note, I hope to see you all at the Christmas Gathering on Friday 22nd December and at the row and Ramble on Saturday 6th January. Have a very happy Christmas and a prosperous and fulfilling new year.


Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud in Brightlingsea

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A press release from B'sea harbour Authority...


24 November 2017 - Brightlingsea, UK - With the arrival of autumn and the departure of the summer breeding bird populations, Brightlingsea Harbour Commission, its principle designers Exo Environmental Ltd, principle contractor Royal Smals and contractor Miles Water Engineering have commenced Year 2 of their ambitious Harbour Dredging and Salt Marsh Restoration programme. Under the Interreg 2 Seas European initiative "Using Sediment As a Resource (USAR)", this four year project aims to dredge approximately 53,000m3 of accumulated sediments from within Brightlingsea Creek in order to maintain the safe and efficient operation of the harbour. In addition, the majority of the arising material is to be beneficially used to restore local intertidal mudflat and saltmarsh habitats that have been subject to continued erosion over recent decades.



During Year 1, 16,000m3 was successfully removed from within the harbour's main approach and North Channel, resulting in a level bed profile to aid navigation and the partial restoration of the iconic Cindery West Island.



This year during the period of October to December 2017, the dredging works aim to remove 12,000m3 from within the South Channel to a target depth of -0.75m (relative to chart datum), in order to increase access to the South Channel pontoons and moorings.




Following this in the second phase between January and March 2018, an additional 8,000m3 will be removed from key areas in the North Channel around the town jetty and fuel berth.


As part of the 'Working with Nature' philosophy of the project, the arising material from these dredge areas is to be beneficially used to complete the restoration of Cindery West that began in Year 1. In addition, some of the sediments will be hydraulically pumped into the St Osyth borrow pits. These twenty three pits, measuring approximately 30x30m and 1m in depth, were excavated by the Environment Agency in the 1960's to restore the coastal flood defence following the 1953 flood and now present an ideal opportunity to support the required dredging operations.



Not only will the pits store much of the South Channel sediments, the refilling of the pits will also protect the foundations of the flood wall and restore approximately 2.1ha of saltmarsh habitat. As a result of the restoration, the ecosystem of the saltmarsh will be enhanced, it will facilitate the natural flood management of the creek and, following colonisation by the local vegetation, will support the rich local biodiversity and provide benefits associated with a healthy environment.



The Brightlingsea Harbour Commission Dredging and Salt Marsh Restoration Project showcases the 'Working with Nature' approach, achieving economic, social and environmental win-wins for this traditional harbour and associated stakeholders. It also serves as a prime example of what can be achieved through the beneficial use of dredged material.


For further information please visit or contact James Thomas, Harbour Master on 01206 302202 or


For any technical enquiries contact Exo Environmental Ltd;


Images Copyright Exo Environmental Ltd and provided at the courtesy of Exo Environmental Ltd.


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Abandoned Dinghies?

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These dinghies were not showing a registration tag at the Hard Working Party on October 28th.
If any member owns one of them or knows anything about them, please contact Kevin Hosking, email
If we are unable to identify the owners, we will start proceedings to dispose of them. 

The scattering of Ian Hooke's ashes.

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YouTube Video

Strategy Meeting August 2nd 2017

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Notes from the WSC Strategy Meeting – 2nd August 2017 19:30

1        The Vice-Commodore welcomed around 40 members and explained the purpose of the meeting. The meeting was designed to gain feedback from members and gather ideas as to the direction of the club over of the next 5 years – both social and sailing. For e.g. club improvements – refurbishment of the clubhouse, encouraging new members with a focus on gaining younger members to the club, etc. The meeting is to focus on positive changes and the ideas proposed by this group will be put forward to the General Committee for discussion and implementation.

2        Ideas discussed within the group break-out sessions (divided into two headings – sailing and social):


·         Club buying canoes/kayaks for club use
·         Adult (i.e. 18+) training
·         Make slipway easier for launching bigger/wider boats etc.
·         Extra pontoons for keeping the dinghies/cruisers on
·         Encouraging the cadets’ parents to get more involved
·         Alerts for cruisers’ crew
·         Make better use of the sailing club for WSC events
·         Ongoing problem of keeping the hard clean - hard working party is more of a social event so could we do this when cleaning the hard standing, for e.g. open the bar, have a BBQ, offer fish and chips, tea/coffee and cakes etc.?
·         Date in calendar for rafting up the Pyefleet
·         Talks on a Friday evening - capitalise on the wealth of experience on the water in the Club
·         WOD instruction
·         More dinghy days out (rather than races)
·         Smaller gig/tender races/rows
·         Wivgigs to offer club members to try rowing ‘Audacity’
·         Cadets to learn to row
·         Scrapheap challenge to build a raft and see if it floats
·         Showing new members who do not sail what sailing entails
·         Cleaning the hard – putting the pump together etc., not easy for all members – pay someone to do it? Pump system in place? What do other Clubs do? Use of the tractor?
·         Difficulty for novice sailors in getting off the hard because of the wind and the tide therefore more support required (safety boat etc. and not just at the end of the race)
·         More social sailing
·         Focus on making sailing more welcoming to young families and younger but 18+ sailors
·         Learning sessions for novices (Wivenhoe area is difficult for non-experience sailors)
·         Dinghies belonging to Club to be launched from a pontoon for general Club use and not from the slipway
·         Remember that everything that the Club purchases needs to be maintained and should not be purchased if it unable to do so
·         Remember we are a Wivenhoe Club and recognise our strengths and weaknesses
·         Manage change and not just let it happen
·         Make it clear what the purpose of the club is – sailing or social?
·         Boat storage
·         Cancelling the joining fee
·         Trial membership/temporary membership
·         Open Day to be held earlier in the year
·         Possibility of long-distance cruise for novice sailors (for e.g. down to Brightlingsea) but would need support and safety boats
·         Members need to volunteer to clean the hard - Chris Wood offers to buy everyone who volunteers a beer (so long as they work hard!)
·         Safety boat training sessions, especially for more difficult situations and look into possibility of those who work on the safety boat to obtain qualifications should they wish to do so
·         WSC to enforce rule that those who participate in racing must at some point during the year volunteer to help run the races etc.


·         Events to encourage non-sailors to visit the club
·         Decking with fencing in the outdoor space
·         Covered outdoor space
·         Update of the heating – remove storage heaters
·         Winter hire rate for the Club for members
·         Why is a sponsor needed when the Club is hired out to non-members?
·         Increased bar staff
·         Friday night entertainment to encourage attendance
·         Why is there a joining fee for new members?
·         Membership deal for cadets’ parents
·         Improve lighting in club
·         Happy hour at the Club
·         Changing facilities need updating
·         Social evenings on a Saturday rather than Friday
·         Need for a Social Secretary to handle social events rather than falling to Commodore
·         Furniture needs to be, flexible – need to be able to store all furniture away on occasion and arms on some of the chairs are required
·         Access for disabled persons need to be addressed
·         Acoustics for the club need to be addressed
·         Non-plastic tables and chairs
·         Brighten up the décor
·         Update the heating to something that is cost effective
·         More young people using the Club – having it active and full people and either for water people only or non-water people welcome
·         Greater advertisement of the club at regatta days etc.
·         Sofas
·         Cellar to be in good order and easy to use
·         Upstairs is underused – weatherproofing the balcony for use in the winter?
·         Encouraging more volunteers across the board
·         New members’ night with information session
·         Sign in the window saying visitors welcome
·         Assign new members a person to meet with them and walk around the club and shown what’s available
·         New pictures on the walls
·         Greater use of social media to promote social sailing events
·         Need a point person to organise each event and make the events occur on a regular basis
·         Lockers in changing rooms for Club use
·         Any remit for extending the Club premises? Wet porch?
·         Problems in replacing officer roles within the Club, more information/handover system to be produced

3        Vice-Commodore to summarise the ideas that have been produced tonight and report to the GC. The GC will then report back to the members by the AGM as to the Club’s priorities and a list of what will benefit members, and if approved by the membership, the GC will action the approved items.

4        Suggestion that the GC chooses one item that can be done soon and one item that is a long-term project and aim to achieve – list of goals to be produced: short, medium and long-term goals.

5        Suggestion to convene another WSC strategy meeting for the Autumn time.

6        A member noted that there have been many positive sailing events and the Club just needs to capitalise on these events.

7        Whatsapp group in place to arrange sailing days – Chris Wood and Julie-Anne White are administrators for the group and will add members on request.

8        Reminder to all members that if they have a dinghy stored at the Club and are not using could they please take it away as space is at a premium.



Marine Day of Action lands three in court for speeding

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Three speeding boats in the river Colne get fines and costs totalling £3.5k

Maldon Port Guide (2017)

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A message to local sailors from   Julie Stuchbery, Clerk, Maldon Harbour Improvement Commissioners

"We hope that you will visit Maldon this year.  If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Best wishes for the 2017 season."                

Click here for a copy of the  Maldon Port Guide (2017)

Sailing for disabled sailors

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The Royal Harwich Yacht Club has asked that we publicise their “Woolverstone Project” based on the RYA “Sailability” programme. Sailing takes place at Alton Water all year and at the club site at Woolverstone on the Orwell during summer months.   

You may telephone 01473 780319 or email for more information.  

RYA Safe Trx

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A FREE app developed by the RYA for smartphone (Android & Iphone) on which you can plan trips, log journeys, and trigger alerts. Users can enter your journey details and set off knowing that should you not return by the time given, a nominated emergency contact will be alerted and advised to initiate appropriate action.

When an emergency contact calls HM Coastguard about an overdue trip, they will have access to your location and SafeTrx Trip data through a secure SafeTrx server. Since the RYA SafeTrx App periodically sends your location data back to our servers, the Coastguard's response team can get help directly to you, and quickly.

RYA SafeTrx is an accessible tool that leisure craft users can use when going to sea. It does not replace GMDSS, EPIRB, PLB or AIS. It is especially useful for those who use smaller boats such as dinghies, smaller yachts, RIBs and open powerboats or who do not use tracking and alerting devices on their boats.

Click here for additional information and to download. 

Users need to register with the RYA, but do not need to be an RYA member.  I haven't used it yet, but looks very useful especially for single handed coastal small boat sailors....  Eric Strudwick.

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